Furniture for unique spaces, designed to standardise processes

Customised furniture providing technical solutions, studied down to the last detail to standardise the process and optimise resources.

We identify the solution for the space, develop the customised technical proposal, and plan the production according to the needs of the project.

Dining room dominated by dark wood tones with a chair, part of a rectangular table, a bookshelf in the background and a white pile carpet.

Where technology does not reach, ingenuity and creativity do. We specialise in creating unique and functional ambiences.

Conference room with numerous desks, dominated by wooden furniture and wooden panelling.
Conference room with numerous desks, dominated by wooden furniture and wooden panelling.

Project typologies

Hotel Rooms
Institutional & Academic Spaces
Healthcare centers
Specific furniture & equipment projects
Stand with a multitude of ceramic samples at a trade fair

The key to creating unique ambiences lies in the ability to design and manufacture everything we propose.

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Robles Experience

Atelier includes those projects made to measure, where each furniture is a challenge. Personalised work, with unique and singular furniture

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From the union of engineering and technology in harmony with the use of vanguard materials, a differentiated furniture is born in order to respond to the needs of our clients

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Our excellence in our work is reflected in the most demanding line, where the use of premium materials and finishing, and sustainability, blend together to make possible the most exclusive luxury

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